ACME'S Top Mouth Erlenmeyer Klein Bottle

Top Mouth Erlenmeyer Klein Bottle with a curved side loop

Top Mouth Erlenmeyer with a straight side loop

Starting at the mouth of a 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask, we stretch a tube down inside the neck, then out the side, and gently loop it around the outside to join the base of the flask. A Pyrex beauty!

With a low center of gravity and sleek side handle, it's perfect for holding & delivering fluids. These make elegant vases, and can be used as torches to help Igor illuminate your 4-dimensional laboratory.

Please note - I have made two styles of these Klein Bottles ... one with a curved handle, the other with a straight handle. But I now have only the curved handle variety ... I probably won't make more straight handle ones. Also, these pictures may look blue or green, the glass is crystal clear, uncolored. The colors in these photos are the background.

Even nicer: this design works as a barometer! Partially fill the bottle with colored water, and the water level will fluctuate with temperature and barometric pressure. Add a funnel and it becomes a precipitation gauge. By placing a photocell next to it, you can measure the solar luminosity and even determine if it's day or night. Hey - with a little practice, you can tell when it's raining outside. Thanks to Acme's advanced topological engineering, you'll be able to quit math and get a real job predicting the weather!

Only $70 -- a trivial sum compared to the millions spent on asparagus.

Like ACME's other fine Klein Bottles, this is handcrafted from pure Borosilicate Glass ... Pyrex, Kimax, Bomex, or Simax. It has a bulk density: 2.23 gm/cm3 and expands just 0.000326% per degree C. This means that it'll shrink only a few microns when you hike from Nome to Tierro del Fuego. Nor should you worry about it dissolving -- we have tested samples in water, acetone, methyl-ethyl-ketone, olive oil, and jello.

For the finest in affine refinements -- ACME KLEIN BOTTLE!

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