How to order an Acme Klein Bottle

This is a one-person operation - just me, Cliff Stoll. Sometimes my son, Danny helps out.

This means that I will send your Klein bottle. I do my best to get it to you as quickly as possible. There are very few orders, so I pack every Klein Bottle, and take each box to the post office.

If I receive your order before 3 PM Pacific time on a weekday, I will send it out the same day. Otherwise, it goes out the next day. (UPS picks up in my neighborhood M-F around 4PM Pacific Time).

Order Online (preferred) - I have a secure server with shopping cart service. On my Klein Bottle web pages are buttons which take you to the server. This is the best way to order - fewest missteakes.

The e-commerce system "Foxycart" securely handles the credit card/PayPal information. When I log in, I read over your order, print an invoice, pack up your klein bottle in a box with lots of bubblewrap, and send it to you. I will confirm your order by emailing you a note with the tracking number and other details of the shipment. I usually take a few photos as I pack the manifold; I email these to you (or send the link to you) when I pack your Klein Bottle.

Order by e-mail: kleinbottle(at)kleinbottle (dawtd) com. Include the usual ordering information. I will confirm your order via e-mail, ship the same day, and will e-mail the UPS or Postal tracking number. In the subject line, it's helpful if you say, "Klein Bottle Order" ... that way, I'll read your message ahead of the daily spam.

After I receive your e-mail, I will send a message back to you. If you don't hear from me within a day, then please call me (or email) to confirm that everything's OK. Phone +1 510 654 3958.

Given the choice, it's easier for me to process your order through my ecommerce server rather than email -- the ecommerce server is less trouble for me, and fewer mistakes get made.

Order by Mail:

Acme Klein Bottles

6270 Colby Street

Oakland, California 94618-1283 USA

(please include your e-mail & phone number so I can send you the tracking number)

Order by Phone: +1 510 654 3958. You'll reach me, Cliff. Since this is a one-person part-time business, I often can't get to the phone, so you may reach my trusty answering machine. And, since hardly anyone calls for topology stuff, my message doesn't mention Acme Klein Bottles. Leave the usual order info, and please include a phone number and email address. Given the choice, please order via the e-commerce server.

Order by Fax: I no longer have a fax.

Order Through Amazon: I am an Amazon seller; you can buy a Klein bottle from me through Amazon.    I try to keep several dozen Klein bottles at the Amazon Warehouses so they can deliver quickly.  I'd prefer that you order from my website, as Amazon takes a 15 to 20 percent haircut from each sale, as well as preventing me from sending photos of the packing process to you.  Also - it's more fun for me when you order directly through this website, as there's more interaction with each customer.

Buy a Klein Bottle in person - If you're in the San Francisco Bay area, stop by! You can visit the The Acme Klein Bottle Emporium, The Acme Topological Research Laboratories, and The Amalgamated Acme Fish Pond at 6270 Colby Street, Oakland, California. While I don't make glassware at my house, you can see our newest designs and meet the flounder of our company, Ackmee A. Aacme. We are just a few minutes south of the University of California/Berkeley, close to Rockridge BART, and downhill from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. (Of course, 'most everywhere in Oakland is downhill from MSRI, seeing how it's on top of a mountain) Call ahead, to make sure that someone's awake. Lately, my wife has asked that I limit late afternoon & evening visits.I accept Checks, Cash, Visa/Master/Discover/American Express Cards, PayPal, purchase orders, gold bullion, barter, whatever. If it makes any difference, I'm PayPal Verified.

Sales Tax? California residents have the opportunity to support our esteemed government, and help provide services like schools, roadways, public health, justice, state parks, a superb system of colleges & universities, transit systems (including BART & AC Transit), preservation of our redwood forests, access to beautiful (and not so beautiful) beaches, arts resources, clean air & water, control toxic substances, promote seismic safety, regulate pesticides, honor native Americans, preserve & promote films, and create baffling displays of nutty legislative proposals in Sacramento

Have something to trade? I'm always happy to barter Klein Bottles for intereresting things! How about a slide rule, physics apparatus, Teletype, mechanical calculator, or an IBM Keypunch?


I prefer to ship via US Post. In the USA, I will ship via First Class or Priority Mail, which is typically 2 or 3 days to reach most places.

Alternatively, I can ship via UPS Ground; you can expect 1 to 6 business-day delivery via UPS Ground -- faster on the west coast. UPS Ground shipments reach Florida in 5 business days, and San Francisco/Silicon Valley overnight. UPS has significantly increased their rates, so you'll notice that I charge much less to ship via mail.

I can also ship via UPS overnight, Priority Mail, Express Mail, or FedEx. Hey, if you live around Berkeley, I can bicycle over.

I try to use the shipping method you request. Rarely, I'll change things to save time or money. For example, a big Chinese Spouting Bowl is uneconomical to send via Prioirty Mail - it's best via UPS ground.

More shipping details:


(however, I suspect that we will be quite satisfied with your money)

For more details on our money back guarantee, click here.

6270 Colby St. Oakland, CA 94618 phone +1 510 654 3958 kleinbottle(at)kleinbottle /D.ot/ com

Acme Klein Bottle is operated by Amalgamated-Acme-Aardvark of America, a sub-phylum of Nocturnal Aviation. Somehow associated with Cliff Stoll, a man of many manifolds. I last updated this page on 2024-May-25, while trying to measure voltages on my radio controlled forklift.

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