How to make a glass Klein Bottle...

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To make a Klein Bottle, we work with a scientific glass lathe.This lets us turn glass tubing while heating it.

First, we start with a section of glass tubing. We seal one end, and then, using a glass lathe, we rotate this over a torch and inflate it by blowing into it when it's red-hot.


Next, make the inner horn. We flare the end of 1/2 inch tubing, bend and cut.

Now make the outer loop from a length of 1/2 inch tubing:

The outer looop and inner horn fit together to form a classic S-shape:

Next, torch open a hole on the bottom of the pear-shaped bottle, and weld in the inner horn:

Now, weld the inner horn to the sidewall of the reservoir. Notice that the belly-button is sealed shut right now.

We then pierce the bellybutton with a torch so that we can attach the outer loop. Then we weld on the outer loop. Finally anneal it, and we're finished!

See Lots of Klein Bottles on our Home Page