Filling instructions for your Acme Klein Bottle:

I suggest keeping your Klein Bottle dry, mainly because it's hard to clean once wet. But if you want to explore hydrodynamics of onesided containers, here's a few hints.

Don't just pour water into your Acme Klein Bottle -- the water will fill the sidearm and then vapor lock.

Instead, hold your bottle horizontally under water in a basin, bucket, or sink. Rotate it around its main axis; with each rotation, some air will bubble out. Once filled, add a drop of food coloring.


You can (but don't have to) seal your filled Klein Bottle with a cork. For Acme's Classical and Bottom-Mouthed Erlenmeyer Klein Bottles, use Acme Cork part #713-9b, $350. These corks are also available for free at most good Italian restaurants.

We do not yet manufacture corks for the top mouthed Klein Bottles, half-pints, and real little Klein Bottles. As soon as our Bonsai Cork Tree matures, we will let you know.


How to dry your Klein Bottle

Once you've filled your Klein Bottle with water, you may wish to dry it out. There's not much natural air circulation, so it'll take weeks for it to dry out on its own.Several ways to speed this up, you might wish to use a combination of these:

To clean your Klein Bottle

I suggest swishing around a small amount of Windex or alcohol. Use Vodka for a Klein Stein.  For tough marks on the "inside" (which, of course, is the same as the "outside"), use a pair of small flat rare-earth magnets, each wrapped with soft velcro or cotton, and wet with Windex.

Keeping one magnet on the "outside" (which, of course is the same as the "inside") and one on the "inside" (which, of course is the same as the "outside"), you can scrub both sides of the glass at once. Since both sides are really the same side, so you're really scrubbing two sections of the same side -- a nice labor-saving method that also works on Moebius Loop Conveyor Belts.


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