Special Klein Bottles available from ACME

... purveyors of the finest in zero volume manifolds



With its side loop spiralling around, this Klein Bottle is slightly taller than a pencil

Spiral top Kleindensor ... we also make these with a left handed helix for Australian topologists. For just $205, you can perform essential research on single sided, single stranded, zero volume, four dimensional helictical manifold research. They are commonly used as condensors in 4-dimensional stills. Use this helix to sproing into the 4th dimension!


We custom make topological surfaces in glass and other materials. Here are a few of our custom made manifolds  -- I make these on order, so delivery times may range from in stock to six months. Call ahead before ordering one of the following custom Klein Bottles.

This straight-through design has a round bottom and a semicircular side loop

Straight Through with side loop

(Sorry, not currently available)

Here's a Klein Bottle with a twisted bottom and a wide side loop.

Side Loop with Floral reservoir

(Sorry, not currently available)

Bountiful Boundless Bottles ... that's ACME

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