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If you (or your child) (or your parent) are *really* into math, and are somewhere between 12 and 18, please check into the Hampshire Summer Studies in Math -- they're at A terrific 6 week summer institute for teenagers who love math. Not to ignore other math camps -- I've heard terrific things about the Summer Science Program, Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving, the Art of Problem Solving, and Stanford University Math Camp. Especially, check out the listing of summer math programs at

ACME is a PROUD SPONSOR of the 1999 37th Cornell Topology Festival, the 2000 38th Cornell Topology Festival, the 2001 39th Cornell Topology Festival, the 2002 40th Cornell Topology Festival. and 2003 41st Cornell Topology Festival, the 2004 42nd Cornell Topology Festival, as well as the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, the 2009 Topology Festival, 2010, 2011, the 2012 Topology FestivalA , the 2013 Topology Festival, the 2014 Topology Festival. Cliff Stoll presented a public talk at the 2015 CornellTopology Festival. Sponsored 2016 Cornell Topology Festival, the 2016 Cornell Toplogy Festival, and the 2017 Cornell Topology Festival.

At the 2002 festival, Topologist Steve Gersten won an Acme Klein Bottle for his exciting work on Isoperimetric Inequalities for Nilpotent Groups. This is especially nifty because he showed that closed Riemannian manifolds with nilpotent fundamental groups come factory-equipped with polynomials of a higher degree and rectifiable loops with singular disc filling areas. Nathan Broddus won the Klein Bottle in 2004.

ACME is happy to support British Topology and has sponsored the British Topological Meetings.

Our Klein bottles are prized by topologists, magicians, mathematicians, heads-of-states, and other ne'er-do-wells, including John Conway, Martin Gardner, Louis Kauffman, Jean-Pierre Petit, & the Honourable Dr. George Saitoti, former Vice President of Kenya. And click here to see comments from a real mathematician; you can also check out the Geometry Junk Yard.

Dr. Joe Christie specializes in low-dimensional topology and has published extensively on dynamical systems and computational topology. He says, "Acme Klein Bottles define the standard by which all immersed non-orientable surfaces must be judged. I'm using mine as a stunning barometer."

Larry Tribe, the well known constitutional lawyer regularly argues cases before the US Supreme Court -- he's a strong defender of due process of law. As a Harvard Law prof, he's quoted widely, yet he knows his way around algebraic topology. He says: "Although I do like the way that doing law can actually help improve people's lives and can combat injustice and cruelty, the part of legal theory and law teaching that I enjoy most is the search for structures invariant under various kinds of transformation, although, as you might imagine, I don't talk that way when addressing the U.S. Supreme Court." And where does this authority on constitutional law turn when he needs a Klein Bottle? Acme, of course.

Here's an excellent photograph of an Acme Klein Stein and a baby Klein Bottle in Japan, courtesy of Dr. Dai Sato in Sendai, Japan. or you can see it in Japanese.

Here's a link to let you simulate a bike ride on a Klein Bottle.

Here's a link to play tic tac toe on a klein bottle

Do you teach elementary school? Homeschooling? I recommend Gold Nuggets: Discovering Math in the California Gold Rush

A wonderful shop selling Math and Science toys.

Hunting for great coffee? Check out Zocalo Coffeehouse at 645 Bancroft Avenue in San Leandro!

If your equation needs an equal sign, feel free to use this one =

And for wholesale glass bottles and plastic bottles, visit, or in Europe,

Acme Klein Bottle's back office is powered by great software from Acme Technologies (naturally)

If you like my website, you oughta subscribe to the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

Looking for some truly beautiful mathematical models? Visit Foster Manufacturing Their handmade wooden models show intersections of cylinders and how to integrate a torus. Pat Foster makes delightful works of math and art ... we display several on the fireplace mantle at the Acme Topological Research Center.

For excellence in Intellectual Property Law, contact the good folks at New Tech Law ! Patent Attorney Gerald Rosenberg cuts through the smog of Internet rumors and can tell you what's possible, what's practical, and what's profitable. Thanks to Gerald's professional efforts, Acme's manifolds may soon be engraved with the caballic endorsement, "Regus Patoff". A whisper in the ears of mathfolk: consider the patent implications of mathematical algorithms.

In the acrimonious dihydrogen-monoxide debate, Acme Klein Bottles stands firmly on the side of the undecided. See more at Please note that every glass Acme Klein Bottle is perfectly capable of holding and storing DHMO and we are not responsible for any side effects of dihydrogen monoxide. Please read the Important Information for Idiots.

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