Very Big Klein Bottles for sale...

In making the Giant Meter-tall Kingsbridge Klein Bottle, we made several other big Klein Bottles. They may not be giant, but they're really big and quite impressive. These are now for available for immediate delivery to scientific academies, mathematical institutions, topological groups and vector spaces, as well as bowling alleys.

On the left, notice Acme's very big Klein Bottle. It's 43cm tall (17 inches). You can place it in your display case - alongside your Fields Medal, Nobel Prize, Academy Award, and Heisman Trophy for a mere USD$2000 (The one in the photo has been sold; I now have exactly one in stock: it's slightly larger than the one in the photo. 48cm (19 inches) tall.)  (available after July 2021)

On the right, Acme's very, very big Klein Bottle - it's 80 cm (32 inches) tall, 40 cm (16 inch) diameter, and costs just $6500. In stock, immediate delivery. Spotlight this in the departmental office and attract those bright undergraduates to your calculus classes! (yes, I have one available)

For information on these, please email kleinbottle /at///// kleinbottle /dawt/// com or call me on the phone.

Below, I am holding a Spherical Klein Bottle. Especially useful for people who enjoy spherical symmetry and various eversions. It's 40 cm (16 inches) tall and about 23 cm (9 inches) in diameter. By coincidence, the radius of the sphere is half of its diameter. This costs only $600 (for you, $599.99) *Special order - not in stock - 5to7 month delivery*

If your wallet has scorch marks, or your annual budget hasn't enough red ink, feel free to call for details. Prices may be slightly negotiable, depending on my kids' college tuition.

-Cliff Stoll - Acme Klein Bottles - +1 510 654 3958

Acme Klein Bottles - specializing in doubling money from those who know about the Banach-Tarski Paradox