Very Big Klein Bottles for sale...

Acme Klein Bottles pleased to introduce the VERY BIG KLEIN BOTTLE … over a foot tall in America, and more than 32 cm elsewhere.

Yep, it’s one-sided and a mouse can walk “into” it. If you hang around an inertial frame of reference, then it’ll have 640 grams of mass. Slightly more if you travel near the speed of light.

Nope, this won’t fit in your lunchbox. You can’t hide it in your pocket during that math test. Inconvenient for most charm bracelets. Not the best choice if you’re visiting the Titanic in a miniature submarine.

Despite these disadvantages, our Very Big Klein bottle is a real eye-catcher. Right at home on your bookshelf. Departmental display case. Add a lampshade, a bright LED, and a lamp-base.

Like every Acme Klein bottle, this is hand made from genuine borosilicate glass, and carefully annealed, polished, and inspected. Yet another Proud Moment in Topological Progress brought to you by Acme Klein Bottles, world-leader in nonorientable, Hausdorffian, metrized manifolds.

Only $350 – slightly more than a midtown Manhattan parking ticket, and far more satisfying.

Same day shipping from Cliff Stoll's home in California. (Well, maybe next day shipping, since I have to make up a strong package to protect such a big glass manifold)




In making the Giant Meter-tall Kingsbridge Klein Bottle, we made several other big Klein bottles. They're really big and quite impressive. These are available for immediate delivery to scientific academies, mathematical institutions, bowling alleys, topological groups and vector spaces, not to mention mathematicians, physicists, and other odd individuals.

On the left, notice me (Cliff) holding a Really Big Klein Bottle. (in my other hand is the Extremely Big KLein bottle -- see below) You can place the Really Big Klein Bottle in your home display case - alongside your Fields Medal, Nobel Prize, Academy Award, and Heisman Trophy.

Sept 2023: I have several on hand, available for immediate delivery. Two different heights: about 15 inches tall (38 cm) and about 17 inches tall (45 cm),

above, the 38 cm tall Really Big Klein Bottle next to a 5.7cm billiard ball

above, the 45 cm tall Really Big Klein Bottle next to a billiard ball

On the right side of that photo of me, I"m holding in my left hand the extremely big Klein Bottle. It's 80 cm (32 inches) tall, 40 cm (16 inches) diameter, and costs $6500. In stock, immediate delivery (I have one in stock, under my house).

Spotlight this in the departmental office and attract those bright undergraduates to your calculus classes!

For information on these, please send email to me at -- kleinbottle /at///// kleinbottle /dawt/// com or call me on the phone.

Below, I am holding a Spherical Klein Bottle. Especially useful for people who enjoy spherical symmetry and various eversions. It's 40 cm (16 inches) tall and about 23 cm (9 inches) in diameter. By coincidence, the radius of the sphere is half of its diameter. *Special order ... not in stock - 5to7 month delivery*

If your wallet has scorch marks, or your annual budget hasn't enough red ink, feel free to call for details. Prices may be slightly negotiable, depending on my kids' college tuition.

-Cliff Stoll - Acme Klein Bottles - phone +1 510 654 3958

Acme Klein Bottles - specializing in doubling money from those who know about the Banach-Tarski Paradox

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