Dr. Robert Lang, creator of delightful Origami insects and several Origami books & CD's (including Origami Design Secrets) has made an Origami Klein Bottle!

Robert Lang's Origami Klein Bottle

From a single sheet of paper with no cuts, Dr. Lang made this fully interlocking Klein Bottle. It's a gem!

Robert Lang's Origami Klein Bottle next to a Glass Acme Klein Bottle

Like Robert Lang's insects, this is a nontrivial folding. But yes, you can fold this yourself... See Robert Lang's folding instructions for the Origami Klein bottle! .

View of the bottom of Robert Lang's Origami Klein Bottle

This Origami Klein Bottle is not for sale, but Robert Lang's crease patterns (opus 444) are available at his website.

Other Klein Bottles can be found at Acme Klein Bottle's Home Page

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